Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: 30 uses around the house!

Hello peeps! ^_^

Entry ini tiada kaitan dengan mana-mana syarikat petrol mahupun diesel. haha. Entry ni juga sesuai untuk mummy mummy di luar sana! yg berangan nak jadi mummy tu pun haa bolehla. haa harini nak hapdate pasal vaseline petroleum jelly! seriously, best gilaaaaa guna bende alah ni! jap jap, korang tahu kan yg mana satu? 

harga tak mahal, yg kecil rm 4.90 je. okay lah tu, tak kecik sangat pun.

okayy, here are the usage. copy paste je lah eh. tak larat tangan mak nak taip nokss. *pemalas nya* okay jap, sebelum tu sila menjerit dulu. sebab benda ni sangat best dohh! 

On Leather Shoes
To wake up the leather on your shoes, just wipe a petroleum jelly over your shoe, then remove any excess jelly with a soft cloth.
On Your Lips 
Cold weather can be brutal on your lips, so can continually licking them. They become dry and chapped. Rubbing Vaseline on them will help them heal and retain moisture.
On Your Ring Finger 
If your ring gets stuck on your finger, try rubbing the finger with Vaseline to get it off.

Your Baby During Shampooing 
Try putting a little Vaseline petroleum jelly above your baby's eyebrows, and the shampoo suds won't run into the eyes, but to the side.
Your Light bulbs 
Just rub a little petroleum jelly on the bulb threads and you won't have to worry about it sticking in the socket.
Your Skateboard and Your Skates 
Keep the wheels lubricated on your favorite toys by putting a little dab of jelly around the cylinders.

Your Candle Holders 
If you don't want candle wax sticking to the inside of your candle holders, just rub some Vaseline inside them.
Your Baby's Diaper Rash 
Rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on your baby's behind before putting his diaper on. This keeps the moisture off the skin.
Your Faucet
To stop squeaking, screeching faucets, apply some of the jelly to all of the metal threads, after removing the handle and stem that is.
Your Refrigerator Racks 
 Rub a little of the Vaseline petroleum jelly on the edge of the racks so they slide smoothly.
Your Sailboat 
If you don't want your spinnaker pole to stick or jam, try using Vaseline as a lubricate.
Your Hair 
If your or your child gets chewing gum stick in your hair, all you have to do is work some petroleum jelly into it, and the gum will come off.
Your Skin 
Stop the windburn and chapping by applying Vaseline.
Your Shower Curtain 
Having trouble with your shower curtain getting stuck and not moving as it should, rub some petroleum jelly on the rod and your shower curtain will move smoothly.
Your Furniture 
This process is for stains, minor scratches and rings in your wood furniture. Put a nice amount of jelly on the stain and leave it for 24 hours. Then rub it and remove all excess, then polish like you would normally do.
Your Skin During Hair Coloring 
If your apply petroleum jelly right along your hairline, this will prevent the hair dye from coloring your skin.
Your Face 
The secret of the health spas, to moisturize your face, is to rub a small amount of Vaseline onto your clean damp face. Keep your face damp and keep rubbing until the Vaseline stops being greasy.
Your Windows, Floor And Metalwork
Don't want your glass windows, door hinges, door knobs and locks coated in paint? Before painting, put a little Vaseline petroleum jelly around all of their edges. You can also do the same for your tile and linoleum. Just run a little jelly around the edges, and the whatever paint gets on them will wipe up.
Your Car Battery 
Applying a dab of jelly to your car's clean battery terminals will stop them from corroding.
Your Linen Napkins 
To remove lipstick stains from your linen napkins, just put a little petroleum jelly on the stain before washing them.
Your Makeup 
Petroleum jelly can be used to remove your makeup. Apply on your eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, rouge and powder, then wipe it off.
Your Outdoor Machinery 
Apply a good amount of Vaseline to any parts that are prone to rusting on your outdoor machinery.
Your Fishing Lures 
Smearing the jelly on a piece of sponge will have the fish thinking it's fish eggs.
Your Doors 
Rub some Vaseline on your door hinges to stop the squeaking.
Your Nail Polish Bottle Cap 
The caps to nail polish bottles have a tendency to stick. To stop this happening, rub a little Vaseline inside the cap.
Your Baseball Gloves 
Soften the leather of your baseball gloves by rubbing Vaseline into the leather.
Your Nails 
If your nails are dry and brittle, try rubbing them with a little Vaseline petroleum jelly before bedtime.
Your Hair During A Perm 
To keep from burning the skin around your hair line, apply a thin layer of Vaseline around it before you perm your hair.
Your Lip Gloss 
Apply a small amount of Vaseline to your lips before applying your lipstick.
Your Window Casters 
If your windows don't open easily, rub them with Vaseline petroleum jelly and they will open smoothly.
Haaa bestkan? oops lagi satu. untuk yang mempunyai eyelashes yg pendek atau tak melentik. bolehlah sapu vaseline ni dekat tempat korang pakai eyeliner sebelum tidur. untuk memanjangkan and melentikkan bulu mata. should try this! aku dah cuba. jadi beb! 
Okayy, sampai sini sajalah ye. HAPPY READING and HAPPY TRYING guys! :)